Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box

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Images show a colourful blur of expanding bubbles.

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About Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box

Light Box is a developmental touch skills app for iPad and Android devices which was created for a group of teenagers with complex needs including visual impairments, autism and severe intellectual disabilities. The app has also been getting a lot of use subsequently by much younger children with and without special needs.

Screen shot shows a scene which is a plasma cloud of coloured lights.

Light Box provides 21 abstract scenes which encourage the exploration of different touches, taps and gestures. There are no formal activities, tests or tasks, just simple interactive scenes to play with and manipulate.

Screen shots shows one of the scenes in which a cloud of inky black words float out from a background of shreaded newpaper print.

Settings and Options

Version 2.0 adds several new features:

Reviews From Purchasers

"My daughter is autistic and this app is AMAZING! We play this daily! teaches cause and effect, good music, great concept and graphics"

"This app is wonderfully designed as an engagement tool to encourage sustained attention to task and a variety of touchscreen access skills. It's also one of the most visually lovely apps on Play!

"Great app! - Was really impressed with this app especially as it was very cheap. Brought this for my severely disabled son which he will enjoy as he loves this type of thing :)"

"Excellent Touch and Sound app for SEN - This is an excellent touch and sound app for SEN pupils, the graphics and ideas are well thought out and executed. Really looking forward to using this in school next week!"

"I'll be Sure to Share This One - I work with students with special needs who have severe cognitive disabilities........This app is close to perfect"

"I am so pleased to find a developer has started to think about some specific special apps that could be used not only with special learners, but could be enjoyed by others too.

Multi-sensory Room Use

If you already have a projector or large display setup, there are now loads of cost effective ways of projecting Light Box

AirPlay Mirroring information at Apple

Classthink on Mirroring to review non-Apple alternatives

Screen grab shows the AirPlay settings on an iPad offering connections to Apple TV for AirPlay Mirroring and a Windows Laptop for streaming to projectors in a sensory room.

You can also use AirPlay Mirroring to share your iPad display with TV, Windows and OSX computers.